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David's Third PBS Special is on the way

Last post 09-20-2011 1:21 AM by Heather Schmitt. 65 replies.
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  • 08-15-2011 1:15 AM In reply to

    Re: David's Third PBS Special is on the way

    The special was not on here in NY. Dont know what happened.
  • 08-16-2011 8:12 AM In reply to

    Re: David's Third PBS Special is on the way


     Do we know the "angle" of the American tour? Rock Symphonies III? A touch of classical? A mix?
    Is there any indication from the ticket offices? Birgit, any clue? (Is that sufficient questions?)

     @Patty (lol) PM me if you get serious, and thanks for the compliment either way.  :)

                                                                           - Scheherazade

    Hi Scheherazade, to be honest, I don't have a clue what David will be playing, I think he doesn't know himself right now....I just hope for you he decides to play some "unplugged" pieces with Marcus, this is sooooo great. (I am sure he will also add a few classical pieces, but without the orchestra the....hm).


  • 08-16-2011 8:24 PM In reply to

    Re: David's Third PBS Special is on the way

    Anyone have any info in regards to when the special will be on in New York?  Originally it was thought it was going to be on this weekend but that did not happen for some reason.

  • 08-19-2011 9:09 PM In reply to

    Re: David's Third PBS Special is on the way

    A reminder that David's Rock Symphonies will be aired for the first time, on WTTW, (channel 11) here is the Chicago area. I will be there in the studio answering the phones as a volunteer, during David's show, Barbra Streisand and one more, for my volunteer shift. It was fun doing this fore David's RS broadcasting last year and I know it will be again. I will even be given dinner before my shift starts at 7pm...............Also, this coming Wednesday, August 24th , there will be another live show in the WTTW studio, taking phone call pledges to the PBS, and I am also a volunteer for that one....................................There are going to be 2 concerts in Chicago, on Jan. 28th, one at 3pm and the other at 8pm.....................tickets are $90 each...................................bye, Divar
  • 08-20-2011 12:01 AM In reply to

    Re: David's Third PBS Special is on the way

    Have fun Divar. Thanks for the information on times and dates for David Garrett's concerts. Is the sale of tickets still September 30th?

    Hope you have many many calls tonight SmileYes


  • 08-20-2011 12:45 AM In reply to

    Re: David's Third PBS Special is on the way

    Cathy, the PBS broadcast of David's RS will start tomorrow night , at 7pm Chicago time........as far as I know, the tickets will only be available through PBS now and at the end of September, the tickets will be sold through Ticketmaster and the Chicago Box office (I think you have to go in person to the box office, no phone sales, but I could be wrong !!) Its just the start of the pledge drive, and on Wednesday there will be another live broadcast, then the rest of the pledge drive will use the recording of those 2 live broadcast and play them many times until the end of the pledge drive. Sometimes, people wait and have to think about it but those are usually the people who don't really know David and his music. .....For the ones who really know him and love him, we just jump on those tickets if at all possible financially... Sometimes, we just can't get them at first but then that is when we lose out because it either gets sold out quickly or the seats are waaaaaayyyyyyy in the back!!! I hope you are able to get some for this concert........Divar
  • 08-20-2011 6:50 PM In reply to

    Re: David's Third PBS Special is on the way

    Hi Divar,

    I am very excited to hear your report...and especially if the people who call say something to him, if they have known him or not!

    I still don't want to think about his 2 performances....


  • 08-20-2011 6:53 PM In reply to

    Re: David's Third PBS Special is on the way

    @Cathy, yes, I think it's as Divar said.

    The PBS pledge is before the general sale...the tickets are more expensive but they often have tickets in the first rows....unfortunately they usually don't tell you which row, so there might be a bad surprise getting the tickets. On ticketmaster you can usually choose the seats...but David has immensely success in Chicago, he always played 2 or 3 concerts and they were all sold out. So most of the tickets might be gone on September 30...

    No idea what to suggest, very difficult.

  • 08-22-2011 3:20 AM In reply to

    Re: David's Third PBS Special is on the way


    I am panicking, because my Ticketmaster said that tickets to David Garrett's concert in Chicago aren't on sale yet. The PBS special we had with David was August 7, 2011 with no ticket sales. August 7th was the only time scheduled for David's 3rd PBS broadcast here. I guess I don't live in an area that sees more than one broadcast. I have a sick feeling I am going to miss out again. Wish I lived closer to Chicago. But thanks for the information anyway- anyone need a hotel room.?  Broken Heart



  • 08-22-2011 5:27 AM In reply to

    Re: David's Third PBS Special is on the way

    Cathy, that is correct, the tickets are NOT on sale yet through Ticketmaster or even the Chicago Theatre........but ONLY now at the PBS station. The pledge drive just started yesterday. Tonight here in the Chicago viewing area the Rock Symphonies II will be shown again, at 11:30 pm. This is the recording of the live show that I was at yesterday. You can call the pledge number up if you want to order you tickets now. The seats are assigned in the order that the ticket was purchased....So, in just a few minutes the second showing will come on.............the Chicago PBS pledge drive number is.(773)588-1111........call now and you should still be close to the front area............not in the very close rows though. You have to act now, don't wait too long.......Bye, Divar
  • 08-23-2011 9:14 AM In reply to

    Re: David's Third PBS Special is on the way

    Cathy you can also order your tickets online on the website of WTTW!

    The concerts are listed there and you can buy tickets aginst pledge!

    Scroll down their event-list:


    This is said (same for the evening concert)

    Event Image

    David Garrett in Concert at the Chicago Theatre

    Chicago Theatre
    175 N State Street
    Chicago, Illinois

    Saturday, January 28, 2012, 3:00 pm

    Join David Garrett for his return to Chicago. Pledge now and discover exactly why David Garrett continues to gain admiration from fans all over the country.





  • 09-15-2011 6:12 PM In reply to

    • Deb4
    • Top 500 Contributor
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    Re: David's Third PBS Special is on the way

    Finally!! Rock Symphonies II airing in NY. If you get WLIW ch. 21, it's on tonight at 7pm, Tues. Sept. 20th at 7pm and Fri. Sept. 23 at 3am.

  • 09-16-2011 9:46 PM In reply to

    • roo2u
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    Re: David's Third PBS Special is on the way

    looooonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg time no post! lol That being said, sometimes modern technology just sucks!

    Anyway...tickets purchased and the countdown begins to January! Big Smile and here's to hoping we do not have to deal with "snowmageddon" this year. 

    PS-whoever asked about tickets purchased through the Chicago theater, unless they have changed, it is venue boxoffice sales only. 

    Feels great to be connected again! :-)

    this space for rent! :-)
  • 09-17-2011 2:34 AM In reply to

    Re: David's Third PBS Special is on the way

    I have just looked on the Chicago PBS, channel 11, WTTW web site.  The pledge drive does seem to be still going, with the opportunity of buying the tickets for the 3pm and 8pm concerts.  I have no idea on what is left through them at this time.  I do know that I ordered all my tickets, and M&G as soon as it was possible for me. Usually, the box office doesn't release tickets to buy until the PBS pledge drive is over.  I doesn't hurt to call the theater, though, but I know you will have to show up in person to buy them. No phone orders that I know of. 

    I also looked at the Ticketmaster site, saying that the tickets are not on sale yet. I copied what was written there and will try to paste it here.....

    Onsale to General Public

    Start: Fri, 09/23/11 10:00 AM CDT


    Start: Thu, 09/22/11 10:00 AM CDT
    End: Thu, 09/22/11 10:00 PM CDT

    Now, about what I did  on August 20th (Saturday) and on August 24th (Wednesday).

    I drove to the WTTW  television studio,  WHY???   Well, to volunteer for the pledge drive again this year for the broadcasting of David's Rock Symphony II !!!   This was a live show, with 2 show host taking turns talking to the TV audience, while the volunteers, answering the phones , were in the background. .....

    I had fun doing this last year . Last year there was only 1 LIVE broadcast  which then was rebroadcast over and over again during the next few months.  This year, there were 2 LIVE broadcast so naturally I had to volunteer for both of them.  There are about 30 volunteers at each session so that there are enough operators ready to receive a pledge.  This year WTTW again offered a DG concert ticket, for either the 3 PM  or 8PM concert, or a CD or a DVD or a CD/DVD package.......each with their own sperate pledge to PBS.  I again am pleased to give to PBS any of the "extra" monies, over and above what the tickets will cost at the ticketmaster or box  office.  I paid $90 and I KNOW I will have first pick at great seats, just like last tour!!!!   The best tickets for Ticketmaster will be $20 less plus you will have to paid an additional fee for each ticket.  I ordered 6, and just paid $5 once for handling charges.  So, I am a happy camper with getting David's tickets for the Chicago Theater plus helping out my own PBS station

     I received  mostly pledge calls where people wanted to order concert tickets.  If a person ordered 2 tickets, then they also received a CD of Rock Symphony.  Most people are very kind on the phone, telling me how much they loved his playing and were looking forward to a concert.  Some people ordered just a basic pledge $$ amount which included a CD.  BUT, almost all of the people I took care of wanted tickets.  David's concert was being shown in segments with the show host talking in between the segments offering the gift/pledge packages.  I think David again had many tickets sold but it was hard for me to really tell.  I wasn't always busy but that is the way it usually is for these pledge drives. Since there are about 30 volunteers answering the phones, we all get a few minutes here and there without a call. Then there are times when the phones are all ringing and everyone is so busy.  When it gets like that, it is actually very noisy in the studio.  All this noise isn't really heard  to the TV audience because the main mics are on right where the show hosts are at, talking.  But, because it does get so loud, it makes hearing some people on the phones, very difficult.  So many times, I would have to ask a person to repeat this or that but as I said before, they were very kind and understanding.  Once, though, I did get this very complainy woman, who just had no understanding that I could hardly hear her!!!!!!!!   Now, she was a big pain!!!  I tried to keep a friendly manner to my voice but I was NOT liking this woman at all.  But, for David............I suffered!!!  lol

     It was pretty much the same for me on both nights.  We would be served a meal and then go into a room for a training session before the actual LIVE broadcast would start.   We did get a break where ice cream was served.  After the broadcast, we were told to select a gift off a table they had set up for us.  There were some books, cds  and DVDs from some other programs on PBS... I will do this again next year if it is again available, becsuse it was fun and it supports PBS (which brought David to me in the first place) and I watch many other programs on PBS  plus  it  supports and spreads DAVID and his wonderful music...!!!!! You rock Chicago , David !!  We love youWink

  • 09-17-2011 3:04 AM In reply to

    Re: David's Third PBS Special is on the way

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